Why hire a Coach?


Say you’re looking for a career path, you’re young and you don’t know which way to go  or you’re not sure what you want to do   Maybe you’re wanting to change your career  or maybe you’ve been doing a career for awhile and it’s just no longer a good fit but you have no idea where to go next or you’re just unsure what you want to do or what you should be doing.

Many people hire a coach when they feel lost.   They hire a coach to get guidance and empower them to discover their wants and desire.  They often need a coach to clarify their values or set or create a road map or path to put into action their desire to reach their goal A coach helps you get to the next level and equip you with the tools and or ignite the tools you already possess inside you, but many are often unaware that you do have the tools and the greatness in you to reach your desires and goal.

A Coach gives you consistent support in an unbiased environment; coaching you while you progress.   Your friends and family can give you advice but often are not your best arena for all life choices.  They mean well and they love you but their perception of what is best for you often does not align with what you want or desire.


Everyone has fears about many different things and these fears can hold you back from doing what you really want or hold you back from your passions and your desires.   I often like to use Richard Bronson as an example, Richard even had a fear, or a phobia of public speaking and he is a proven example of what is the difference between a successful person and a person who just lives day-to-day week to week year to year not having any clue about their dreams and desires.  So, what is the difference between someone successful like Richard Branson or someone who is successful in your city, town, province, or country Opposed to someone who is just living day to day having a mundane life not really going after their passions well, the number one thing is that the difference is that these successful people invest in themselves and self development.   They always have a coach or mentor; they are always working on growing and shifting; they are consistently working on their fears, limiting beliefs and paradigms. 

 As a success coach I can help you name your fears and limiting beliefs and, guide and support you to help you shift and transform the way you think and believe in yourself and even your perceptions.  I can also help you focus on your positive qualities or characteristics opposed to you focusing and giving all your energy to limiting beliefs or paradigms and teach you to know the difference when these negative beliefs return, as they often do!  


What is your current situation in your personal or professional life, think about that for a moment?   Do you feel you have missed out on opportunities or do you feel it is too late to do anything to grow or act?   Do you think you should have done it years ago or do you have absolutely no clue which way to look or what direction to go?

Usually this means your confidence is not where it should be or can be.  You have too many doubts clouding your judgement and it is my job to coach you, so it is easier to understand what and where you really want to be or what you want to do and guide you to that desire or want!   I guide you to make that decision and soon the task of making decision comes to you easily and without thought.  You just do it!

If this resonates with you, please reach out and schedule your free 60-minute discovery session and let us start planning and reaching for your goals.  Le me set you on the right path to reach your goals and desires

This is my passion, and I am here to empower you to find your passion! 

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