Meditation Benefits

I want to talk about meditation.  Do you practice this?  Have you tried meditation?  The more I practice meditating the more prevalent it is that it  has made a difference in my life. It has improved my focus, and my attention span. Meditation, did you know it actually can change the brain structure and it can change the brain function, it is actually measurable, they can put probes on you and the neurons can be measures in your brain. So this can measure this, it can be monitor allowing measurable effects on three areas of your brain, the gray matter, which is involved in muscle control and your sensory perception. Including emotions, memories, speech, seeing, hearing and decision making. So this tells me this is really, really beneficial to age memory loss.

I believe meditation is helpful for brain health; it actually changes the structure and the function of your brain. So it is possible that it is improving the information processing cells in your brain and they connect to pathways, which are responsible for your thoughts, which is something I talk about a lot; light sensations, feelings and actions.

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