Chapter 22 – Persistence

If you persevere, you will be granted your assumption.
The truth in all situations is that, regardless of your assumption or desire, if you persist, you will receive your assumption. Persistence, then, is the key to it all. Because if we keep making the same assumption, it will become fact.
Even if our sensory world does not match our assumptions, we must continue to assume and think from our newfound assumption. Our assumption will become fact through the act of doing so, and doing so with persistence and intention, and the world will transform itself to align with our new assumption.

However, this does not preclude us from taking action or moving forward in a way that involves actions and reactions on our part. However, it is critical to understand that it is not our actions that lead to fulfilment, but rather our shift in assumption, because it is Imagination, above all other forces, that creates.