How Honing Your Intuition Helps You Navigate Your Journey

Honing your intuition helps you navigate your journey.

Gut instinct. Inner knowing. Divine guidance.

These are all terms that folks use to refer to that inner voice, that feeling, or that hunch about a certain choice or course of action. In a nutshell, all of these phrases are different ways to refer to intuition.

According to the Britannica Dictionary, intuition is defined as “something that is known or understood without proof or evidence”. Intuition is not based on facts, evidence, or something tangible. It is based on an inner knowing, on a sense.

There are several ways to connect to your intuition. Some of us feel intuitive nudges, others “hear” internal messages. Some have a thought “pop out of nowhere”, and some connect to their intuition through journaling or artwork.

When you learn how to connect to your intuition, you are creating an empowering link to a resource that can help guide you towards right action. You are able to rise above the brain, the thoughts, the logic, and make choices that are aligned with your soul’s purpose. You are tapping into sources that provide options and opportunities beyond what you can imagine in the moment.

Following one’s intuition can feel like it is bringing a level of magic to one’s life. It can help you feel empowered beyond your daily being, and provide a strong foundation for having authentic faith in yourself and your ability to realize your affirmations through your own internal intelligence.

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