When you bless and release, you open up to possibilities beyond your imagination.

When you bless and release, you open up to possibilities beyond your imagination.

Have you ever felt constricted, lost, or unable to come up with ideas or solutions? Have you felt resistance about a feeling or thought and discovered later that it blocked your ability to move forward in a meaningful and heartfelt way?

It is during these times that blessing and releasing might be what you need. When you bless and release, you set an intention, bless it, and let it go in a way that attaches no judgment or condition to the outcome. You open yourself up to guidance, ideas, and solutions that feel right for your soul and your truest needs.

Blessing and releasing with a pure spirit enables and empowers possibilities to open up for you. And doing so with true intentions allows the outcome best for your highest good, without expectation of something specific.

Both aspects of this process are important. Blessing provides the energy of gratitude without judgment and with authentic openness. When you bless with presence and gratitude, you call in the feelings of fulfillment into the here and now. You create the space.

Releasing allows the magic of the universe, or whatever you believe is your source, to provide guidance, support, and solutions. You reach beyond your ability to imagine and create and allow new ideas, divine guidance, and ease and flow. You can relax and let the magic unfold around you.

Sometimes you need help working through the resistance that gets in the way of your ability to fully and authentically bless and release. I love working with clients to help them reach the next level of living. Set up some time to speak with me about how, together, we can help you master the art of blessing and releasing.