Setting goals helps you fulfill your desires.

Setting goals helps you fulfill your desires.

Here we are, in November. Moving towards year’s end, which is a good time for reflection and planning.

Reflecting on where we are helps us check ourselves against our goals and our vision. We can determine where to celebrate our accomplishments and assess if we are on the path that aligns with our greatest desires. We can determine if our actions are in integrity with who we are meant to be.

A vital part of who you are, why you get up every day, and what drives your passion is ensuring that your goals align with your desires and purpose. It is important to reflect so that you can set goals and action steps that fulfill your desires and ensure that you are acting in a way that supports your true nature and your vision for yourself and your future.

Sometimes this process can seem overwhelming. It can be hard to isolate those values and desires that truly and deeply spark one’s soul and to set the goals that will help keep one on track and purpose with passion and peace. It can also be tough to take that look, reflect with honesty and love, and assess if you are truly where you want to be and moving in the direction of your desires.

You owe yourself the gift of self-assessment and goal-planning. You owe yourself a life that is moving you toward your desires and puts you exactly where you are meant to be, today and in the future.

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