Make sure your inner voice speaks love.

Make sure your inner voice speaks love.

How do you talk to yourself? What is the tone of your inner voice?

Do you express your truth? If so, how do you express yourself to others and to yourself?

Do you listen – authentically listen – to yourself and to others?

Living a life connected to your purpose and from a place of empowered joy and ambition requires some key skills. You must listen with a pure heart, you must lovingly speak your truth, and you must make sure that your inner voice speaks from a place of love.

When you listen with pureness, there is no space for anything but love. When you lovingly speak your truth, you hold the space for a loving exchange.

Start with your inner voice. This is the key to being authentically you. Listening with a loving heart validates your worth to the most important person – you. And it empowers you to listen and speak to yourself and others in a way that promotes the value and worthiness of all.

I hope this holiday season is one where you have joyous moments that affirm the blessings in your life and the blessing that you are.

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