My Phrase for 2023 – Ascend with Love

I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for a long time. I usually pick a word or phrase for the year. This year, I proclaimed “Well, I am changing that for 2023.”

I have meditated and journaled for my word, and “ascend” kept coming up. What came up for me during this time of self-reflection was not just a word but the phrase “Ascend with Love.”

The year 2022 was full of contrast and change. I remember when I thought contrast (negativity) was all bad. I am not saying it is good; however, contrast is a gift.

The contrast in your life and experiences shows you what you want and do not want, especially when making a decision that could change your path or goal. The contrast can pull you back into what is familiar and comfortable but no longer serves you.

If you really know me, you know I have never been someone to conform, and especially not to please the masses. That is one thing that has never changed on my journey over the last few years.

I could go on and on, but to get to the point, I am grateful for the contrast in 2022; it has been a beautiful gift. I am grateful for my journey and the success I have experienced.

For 2023, I am here to “Ascend with Love”. I have moved goals to ascend to where I intend to go and I am here to support and serve others to guide them to “Ascend with Love”.

Share a word for 2023 or your phrase below 👇👇 and reach out to me here if I can help you create your 2023 words and phrases.

Here’s wishing you a 2023 that “Ascends with Love”!