On being confident in yourself and your abilities

The ability to believe in oneself and one’s abilities, not in an inflated sense but as a safe and sure bet, is what we mean when we talk about confidence. Confidence does not involve thinking highly of oneself. It’s an unspoken conviction that you have the ability to succeed.

Confidence stems from a positive outlook on one’s own capabilities. It means that you have confidence in yourself, know your worth, and accept responsibility for your actions. You have an accurate assessment of your abilities and know how to work around your flaws. You know how to plan effectively, speak up for what you want, and take constructive criticism in stride.

Confidence can be cultivated through positive thinking, persistence, coaching, knowledge, and interaction with others. Your sense of well-being, your acceptance of your physical and mental selves (your self-esteem), and your faith in your own abilities, skills, and experiences all contribute to your level of confidence.

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