Harness the energy of the Universe to set your intentions and receive your best life.

I offer three options for your transformative journey: Courses, The Mastermind Community, and Individual Coaching. These can be combined as needed to empower you and support your vision.

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Inspiring You Mastermind

Ask anyone at the top of their field, and they’ll tell you they didn’t get there on their own. Many of the best athletes, entertainers, and businesspeople in the world had great mentors who helped them learn the ropes.

Andrew Carnegie, a billionaire steel magnate, said that his entire fortune was due to his mastermind group. This is how Napoleon Hill came up with the term “mastermind group” in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone all had their own small mastermind groups. And mastermind groups are not only for people in business. The Inklings, a group of writers that included C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Owen Barfield, were one of the most famous mastermind groups in history.

Like-Mind spirits connecting for collaboration, personal growth, and conscious individuality and/or entrepreneurship. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and expand your network with individuals who will be INSPIRING YOU and support your journey.

This is a Monthly subscription of $88.00 CAD per month.

Improving Self-Awareness Course

The mental aspect of yourself concerns your thoughts and your imagination. Like the physical and emotional feelings, thoughts also have the capacity to come upon you without your control, but it is far easier to consciously change your thoughts, especially when you practice being more aware of them in the first place. When people think, they often think in sentences or words, but just as often, they can think in images or words and phrases that act as a kind of shorthand. In these moments, it is quite easy for thoughts to get distorted and not accurately reflect a true situation.
You might have heard it said that all emotions are valid, but what exactly does this mean? Any time you feel an emotion are you perfectly justified in feeling that emotion? For example, if your child spills a glass of milk, does the validity of emotions mean you are correct in being angry with your child? Perhaps the notion of correct versus incorrect is the wrong approach. The validity of emotions means that in any situation, if you feel anger, regardless of the cause, it is valid to acknowledge to yourself that you do indeed feel anger. The validity of emotions means that denying an emotional state is a dangerous action that can have negative consequences, often resulting in an emotional breakdown in the future if not addressed.
Included with this 12-week course are 6 bi-weekly 45 minute coaching calls, plus 1 weekly community zoom for personal growth, sharing and questions. There is also the option of purchasing a printed copy of the workbook. 

Activity Management Course

The practice of Activity Management requires focus and conscious planning to help win back control of your busy day and conquer financial goals. Challenges are often presented in the workplace, which can affect our ability to make optimal use of our time. However, with the help of prioritization, goal-setting, and appropriate organization of the mind and space around us, we are able to overcome Activity Management barriers.

This course will provide you with appropriate strategies to increase both personal and professional productivity, as well as learn to work smarter. Exceptional Activity Management skills have a powerful effect on shaping an organized, successful business. Included with this 5-week course are 5 weekly 30 minute coaching calls.   Individual coaching and team coaching are also available.

 SHELLEY SEMCHISON Empowerment | Transformation CoachCoaching with Shelley – 3 & 6 Month Packages Available

What do transformation coaching services entail? Working with a transformation coach is meant to help you reach your full potential. Is there something in your life that you’d like to change, whether it’s personal or professional? A transformation coach may assist you in meeting, and often exceeding, your objectives.

A transformation coach will work with you one-on-one to determine your individual goals, strengths, and opportunities for growth. As your relationship with your coach grows, they will have a better grasp of what course of action will best suit your objectives, transformation, and abilities. As a result, your transformation coach can provide you with tried-and-true tactics and tailored plans to help you achieve your goals. You’d never try to be the finest soccer player in the world without a fantastic coach, yet real life is far more demanding than soccer! That is why a transformation coach is so important in making your ambitions a reality.

Many of the world’s most successful athletes, celebrities, CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and politicians employ transformation coaching to improve themselves and advance their careers. These ambitious individuals already understand that success is never static; no matter how much success you have already achieved, you always have the ability to accomplish much more. A transformation coach can help you take your life to the next level, whether you’ve reached a plateau or are simply confused about how to go.

When you begin working with your transformation coach, you will learn how to take effective action and focus your attention on what is truly important. You will no longer be stymied by impediments and will be free of old baggage. And you’ll have more energy and a more liberating schedule while accomplishing more than ever before.

Don’t believe the outmoded notion that if you just work hard enough and long enough, you’ll be able to get through it on your own. It’s simply not true! A transformation coach uses the talents and skills of an impartial, empowered, focused “friend” who shares your goals to help you take your life to the next level.

Define your vision, set new and more visionary goals, and collaborate with your transformation coach to develop an action plan to achieve amazing results. Schedule  your free 30-minute coaching consultation session today, and prepare to experience the success you’ve only imagined whether in your personal or professional life!