Live in Your Imagination

I was one of those kids that would often daydream with my imagination. Doing so allowed me to dream about possibilities. It is something that I still employ today. Your imagination is your best tool. It provides a powerful mechanism for manifestation and creation.  You can use your imagination for personal and business pursuits. The Read More

When you bless and release, you open up to possibilities beyond your imagination.

Have you ever felt constricted, lost, or unable to come up with ideas or solutions? Have you felt resistance about a feeling or thought and discovered later that it blocked your ability to move forward in a meaningful and heartfelt way? It is during these times that blessing and releasing might be what you need. Read More

How Honing Your Intuition Helps You Navigate Your Journey

Gut instinct. Inner knowing. Divine guidance. These are all terms that folks use to refer to that inner voice, that feeling, or that hunch about a certain choice or course of action. In a nutshell, all of these phrases are different ways to refer to intuition. According to the Britannica Dictionary, intuition is defined as Read More

Chapter 22 – Persistence

If you persevere, you will be granted your assumption.The truth in all situations is that, regardless of your assumption or desire, if you persist, you will receive your assumption. Persistence, then, is the key to it all. Because if we keep making the same assumption, it will become fact.Even if our sensory world does not Read More