Gratitude empowers breakthroughs.

Sometimes you feel stuck. And perhaps a bit down, low on energy, or unable to see past your current situation. In those times, you need a breakthrough. One powerful way to empower a breakthrough is to create a clearing via gratitude. Making time to focus on gratitude creates an opening for the good to be Read More

Using Affirmations to Affirm Your Intentions

Words have power. When we speak words, we create affirmations. The words we use either support or sabotage what we are intending for ourselves. For example, if we use the phrase “my biggest fear is”, we are affirming something negative in our life. If instead we state “I am faithful that”, we are affirming the Read More

Gratitude is the Attunement Of Any Negative Thinking

In order to replace negative automatic thoughts with positive ones, we can re-wire our brains. With the help of the following exercise, you can learn how to change your negative thoughts into ones of gratitude. Negative thoughts that float around in our heads only serve to frustrate and confuse us. This practice will help alleviate Read More

Chapter 22 – Persistence

If you persevere, you will be granted your assumption.The truth in all situations is that, regardless of your assumption or desire, if you persist, you will receive your assumption. Persistence, then, is the key to it all. Because if we keep making the same assumption, it will become fact.Even if our sensory world does not Read More

What are you Afraid Of ?

Do you have a phobia you’d like to overcome? Begin by comprehending this… Fear is a mental construct. You can utilise your thoughts to stop it and live a more fulfilling life because it’s a mental process. Now, if you have a phobia—a dread that can make you feel helpless in particular situations—you’ll almost certainly Read More