Changing one’s outlook on life begins with oneself

There must be something greater in life. I had no idea where I was going three years ago. Both my sense of self and my motivation had vanished. Following the same routine every day and sticking it out. Trying to please everyone while simultaneously pleasing no one. The only thing I had to do was Read More

Allow your dreams to nurture and thrive.

As we near the year end, many begin to reflect on what they actualized versus what they imagined. And many start to plan for and dream about the possibilities for the new year and beyond. I have found that people can dream, plan, and envision but not realize.This may occur because one does not take Read More

Setting goals helps you fulfill your desires.

Here we are, in November. Moving towards year’s end, which is a good time for reflection and planning. Reflecting on where we are helps us check ourselves against our goals and our vision. We can determine where to celebrate our accomplishments and assess if we are on the path that aligns with our greatest desires. Read More