• Shelley is the best! She walks the talk and lives in a way that reflects the coaching she offers to her clients. She is a wonderful sounding board, offering insights that are actionable and providing supportive coaching that is inspiring and empowering. She is a wonderful asset to her clients, and is one who motivates positive action based on a combination of experience and passion and a commitment to the success of her clients.
    de Lorm Designs
  • Shelley is really the very best!
    Tsing Meow
    My Boy Productions
  • My name is Susan Driscoll, I am a Social Marketer for Modere, which is a health and wellness company, specializing in non toxic products. I enjoy working with Shelley, she is organized, efficient, encouraging, knowledgeable, punctual, caring, available, understanding, technical, loves to share and help others succeed. I have been mentored by Shelley and have been held accountable to achieve success in my network marketing business. Shelley has taught me the importance of being consistent. She shares her knowledge on mindset, goal setting, meditation and gratitude. Shelley always has time to listen, provide feedback and teach new skills as she learns them. With Shelley's commitment for continuous learning and sharing and her desire to coach and her caring attitude along with her availability. I would recommend Shelley to others.
    Susan Driscoll
    Social Marketer, Modere
  • 100%, without reservation, I totally recommend Shelley to anyone who is currently on the fence. Since I started working with Shelley the chronic anxiety that I've been living with for the last 8 years or so has improved dramatically. In just a few weeks, I was able to manifest new clients in my real estate business. I love that everything is laid out for me to follow the program and Shelley is there to help guide me and fill in the blanks and answer questions.
    Penny Conner
  • I love the advice I receive from Shelley. It’s always clear and concise yet effective. Shelley taught me the importance of being grateful for simply all things in my life. I am so blessed to have Shelley and would recommend her to anyone who hasn’t seen the results they want in their life
    Tiffany Estremera
    Life Insurance Producer
  • Since working with Shelley, I have had several wins. These include obtaining a new recruit and two new customers.
    Tami Stoner
    Social Marketer, Modere North America